Art – Rodger Taylor on Lois Stavsky: Graffiti in the Bronx

Lois Stavsky walks into Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bogota Columbia, the West Bank, the South Bronx and Washington D.C. to look at and possibly photograph paintings on walls.

Lois’s expertise centers on graffiti and street art in this city and all over the world. Perhaps an unusual second career it suits her perfectly.

A teacher, supporter and helper if possible, of the youth, Lois loves the talented, the underdog in the hood, barrio and otherwise. She also respects the culture.

Believing street art and graffiti is as legitimate as any other creative genre, Lois offers living proof of why it should be appreciated that way.

Documenting graffiti – taking some really great pictures — often assisted over the years by a cadre of youth working and casting their eagle eyes across the city.

Lois is also a really good writer so I asked her if she’d help me out with a brief bio – so here goes:

Lois Stavsky is an educator, curator and writer with a particular passion for global street art. A documentarian of NYC street art, she is the founder of the organization, Street Art NYC.

The Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center in the East Village is Impacted by the Bronx

Downtown in the East Village check out the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center. It is a festival and location that features participants, some of whom came from the Bronx.

Just like the Clemente Soto Velez Festival, the influence and impact of the Bronx is felt creatively throughout the other 4 boroughs of New York City including Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn.

More information about the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center can be found on the New York Public Library Website penned by Bronx News NYC writer Rodger Taylor.

From left to right, popular Bronx singer Kat DeLuna next to Dream who, in addition to being a member of the Magic Neighbors Theater Company, is also a creative hair stylist who cuts and styles Kat DeLuna’s hair.

Dream participated in a special edition of this year’s Lights Camera Read for Summer Reading NYC in the Bronx. Specifically Dream was seen performing with the Magic Neighbors Theater Company at the Morrisania branch in the Bronx of the New York Public Library.

In a side note, Dream, in addition to cutting Kat’s hair, has also done the hair for two Miss Universe winners. Members of the Magic Neighbors troupe are talented in so many ways. Thanks Dream for her participation.

Magic Neighbors Troupe, Top left to right, Manhattan Magician, Mother Goose NYC, Little Princess Magician, 2nd row from top – Paris Goldilocks, Blanco Bear, Joe the Woodsman, Dream the Princess. Front left to right – Harley and Genesis.

John “Yianni” Stamas and his Magic Neighbors Troupe made a difference in the Bronx and other boroughs in New York City. Stamas and his Video Film Web production company (2001 – 2013 did video production, editing and websites) were hired by the NYC Department of Education to facilitate the documentary HSVD Rocks “for students by students” for the High School for Violin and Dance in the South Bronx.