Yianni stamas finds the bronx to be a place of much creativity

Yianni Stamas over the years has been a proponent and contributor to “Bronx News NYC.” The last time he visited us was in January of this year. But recently we heard that Stamas finds the Bronx a creative place to be in, and that a current project he is working on came about because of an idea he had while in the Bronx.

We asked him three questions that resulted in this:

What is it about the Bronx that tends to be a place where you get ideas?

I do not know exactly. Maybe because it is a place that has lots of great artists? Though, experiencing art is not necessarily what triggers insight for me. I think what draws me to the Bronx is sense of community.

What was the idea you had in the Bronx that led to a current project of yours?

At the time I got the idea, I was thinking back on some of the extensive work I did regarding the development of a methodology that would make it possible for a single person to create work in all the various facets of the arts. I worked on this literally for years, but when I was in the Bronx working on a local project, I randomly thought about the methodology and ways of simplifying it, including changing its goals.

Please tell us about your current project.

I am not someone to talk about current undertakings, especially those that are still in their infancy as this one is. I think this comes probably from the the former magician in me, because conjurers must vow to never reveal the secrets behind the magic they perform. I am the same way with new projects. I can say though, I work on it a little bit every day, Monday through Friday, and the irony is that the closer I get, the more I realize that I am creating a way of working that I used to use. Changing the subject, a bit, in closing I just want to say that if you have never been to the Bronx, you should go. The artists there create amazing art, much of it about community.

the bronx, NY, is filled with experiences and resources

A Cultural Mecca

Although my family and I live in Inwood Manhattan, we are close to the bridge that leads to the Bronx. Also, I have been hired to do video projects in the Bronx, which has led to me firsthand experiencing the culture of that area. This New York City borough was established in 1898 and currently has a population of around 1.435 million. Although the Bronx is sometimes known for its crime and violence, it is the home of go-to destinations including the Bronx Zoo (which my family frequented pre COVID-19), the New York Botanical Garden, the landscaped public garden Wave Hill, and of course Yankee Stadium, home to the New York Yankees.

Many Cultural Contributions

But the Bronx offers much more than just some tourist attractions. It has an amazing cultural history. For example, in the 1960’s and 1970’s through to today, the neighborhoods have contributed much to our American culture including pioneering Hip Hop, Voguing and much more as seen in The Bronx Museum of the Arts.

Role Models Getting Vaccinated

Now here in Northern Manhattan and beyond, we are still huddled in our residences, trying to keep up hope. The vaccine does make the picture a little bit brighter, but there are many on both sides of the political aisle who, for whatever reason, have decided that the vaccine is not for them. Local leaders in many of the communities of New York, are attempting to get more people vaccinated. One of the ways they are doing this is by being filmed getting the shot themselves.

Finding your COVID-19 Vaccination Options

I am fortunate in having already received my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine, and will be getting my second one soon. We all need to work together to keep our neighborhoods safe, including wearing masks. Wearing your mask shows your respect for others because by you having it on you are thereby keeping your potential germs to yourself! Other important steps to take as we all know by now include washing hands in hot water (for at least 20 seconds), keeping 6 feet of distance from others, and of course, getting the vaccine! This has been quite easy for us here in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx. Just do an internet search for vaccination centers available in your zip code. Many vaccination hot spots have sprung up in New York that give locals priority.

Yianni Stamas on a Special Borough in New York City

What is Bronx News NYC?

Bronx News NYC is an online celebration of the Bronx, bringing you positive updates from various areas in this unique borough. Also, the Christmas Season officially ends on this day of January 6.


In NYC there are 5 wonderful boroughs, the Bronx being a very special one. Happy new year!

A Day in American History

America was taught a tough lesson today. May we all learn from it.

Bronx Creativity Flowing

Tough Time for Creatives

USA Creativity. What is it? Is it a revolution? A movement? No it is doing what is right when it is right for creative communities all across the US. With the political upheavals, this is a tough time for creatives.

Creativity is Vital

As of this writing all creatives are on the edge of their chairs with anticipation. With creativity being the only thing they have, we of the USA Creativity family know that inclusion is key and Bronx Creativity is vital along with that of the US.

This is USA Creativity

When the winner is announced will it really be a win? Or just more of the usual? Fingers crossed. This could be the beginning of the beginning or the end of the end. This is not made possible through an election outcome but by a state of mind that can exist today, tomorrow and beyond. This is USA Creativity!

Taking a Look at Our Promoter

During g a web search recently, we discovered that there is a website that has frequently shown our posts in their own. Why did they do this? Well, Blog Coalition told us it was because they enjoyed the content. Very nice don’t you think?

Also, during our emails back and forth, Blog Coalition told us something interesting. They are now having Home Business Achievers do the daily blog entries they used to do, and they will only be writing monthly updates. The updates will focus on marketing such as this post about promotion:

You can either delegate the SEO or you can go with purchasing search engine ads. Going the ads route is likely to get you more targeted results, meaning sending you the EXACT person you need to find you. Okay. Sit down for what we are about to say. Please listen carefully. All right. Here goes. You need know to figure out the PRECISE phrase that will trigger your audience members to pick you.

In other words, again put yourself in their shoes. They are searching the phrase you have come up with, and land on your offer either through ads or SEO ready to buy now or at the very least sign up for your newsletter so that you can slowly build trust with them to eventually buy from you.

How do you come up with such a phrase? The answer here is that again, you can either come up with it yourself or hire a copywriter who does sales copy to do it for you. In fact, you can rely on a copywriter to not only come up with the phrase, you can even hire them to write the script for your video. The phrase needs to contain in it both the problem they suffer from and the solution you offer them.

A Brief Bronx Stay

I lived in the Bronx for less than 3 months, in transition from one Manhattan apartment to another. And although I had a bit of trepidation doing so, staying in the Bronx in a violent area, it turned out to be better than I expected. One of my stories, though, was very scary. I had a standout instance when I was on my way back to my temporary Bronx digs. Since it was late there were very few on the subway train.

Finally, it was just me and a broad shouldered man. This man kept looking at me, then away. Looking at me and then away. Looking. Not looking. And this kept going on. This had me a little bit freaked out. Who was this big burly guy and why did he keep glaring at me?

Finally, he stood up looking (as I perceived it) very angry . I tried comforting myself that he was probably getting off at the next stop. The next stop came and went. He began moving even closer to me.

When all of a sudden his frown turned to a smile. He said “I know you, you’re on that cable show. And he was right. At the time I had a cable show. Turns out he’s a fan an wanted to ask me questions about the program. I love the Bronx!

Multiple Big Foot Zombie Sightings in the Bronx

This bird, a resident of the Bronx Zoo, was very upset Big Foot Zombie was allowed in.

What Did the Zoo Have to Do with It?

It is a little known fact that there are more Big Foot Zombies in the Bronx than  any other area in the USA. The theory is that this is because of their parks and even the Bronx Zoo.

Getting into the Zoo

Several sightings of Big Foot Zombie’s have been seen at the zoo looking at certain animals salivating. How they managed to get into the zoo in the first place must have had on incredible disguises to be able to get past the ticket window area.

Recent Communication

We bring all this up because DIYdigi recently did an interview with BFZ that was transcribed for the fan site Big Foot Zombie .com.

Bronx Dreams

This magic castle resonates with some Bronx kids.

Bronx Day to Day

I have gone to the Bronx often as a day trip, doing things along the lines of visiting The Bronx Zoo. I have spent the night in the Bronx while staying at a friend’s place. I also have had the experience of doing a community project over a period of several months in one of the most challenged areas of the Bronx. Though, doing all this does not mean that much compared to what the day to day for a person living full time in the Bronx goes through.

Walt Disney’s Saying

Quotes from people like Walt Disney may not be of interest to some Bronx residents, though the message of it could be helpful. Thanks to DIYdigi we got this quote:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

Anger is Justified

Some might find the Mr. Disney quote bringing up anger. And it is understandably so. Some Bronx residents have never received the tools and role models to assist them in taking a stab at “success,” whatever that word implies. Success means different things to different people. There are many success stories in the Bronx ranging from an abundance of celebrities who were born in the Bronx, to folks who live there helping each other out. Community activism is something that is very powerfully occurring in in this one of five boroughs. And to them, as well as all Bronx residents, we applaud you for your great work!

Bronx Business Owners NOT Taking it Easy

Owners Devastated

A lot of looting and protesting occurred in the Bronx day before yesterday on Monday. And Bronx Business Owners are unsure of the motivation of the protestors. The reality of the situation is that one of New York City’s most treasured Bronx shopping areas has left many owners devastated.

Bronx Community

Owners of Businesses understood the tension between cops and looters/protestors but what they are having a hard time wrapping their heads around is why target Bronx businesses who have worked hard to get where they are and are an important part of the Bronx community?

Destruction Ongoing?

The perspective of several owners and witnesses was that police officers stood back and let the looting happen. What worries peaceful residents is what is going to happen if the cops let the looters/protestors destroy the neighborhood again and again and again?

The Bronx from the Air


If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time then you’ve probably noticed that although it is called “Bronx News NYC,” there’s not a lot of news in it. It is more reflections on this part of New York City that is currently undergoing change.

What You Remember

I’ve flown over the Bronx before. Of course it was pre-COVID-19. It’s a very different experience of a town or city when you are viewing it from above. It is somehow very small in appearance yet at the same time, larger than you may have remembered.


The preceding is my impression of the Bronx. You see, we live in Manhattan very close to the Bronx. So, we very much have a Bronx consciousness. When we view it from way up high, and see all the neighborhoods, it makes us want to explore it more. Maybe someday.

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