Is Bigfoot Zombie in the Bronx?

New Sighting

Someone is claiming they saw Bigfoot Zombie in the Bronx. Exactly where we’re not sure. But we do know that this person alleges that the sighting was of Bigfoot Zombie and not just Bigfoot.

Fitting In

The thing that makes this so remarkable (if it’s true) is that BFZ would have had to travel from downtown Manhattan to the Bronx which is a bit of a distance and if you’re big and furry you don’t exactly fit in.

De Niro’s Haunt

You see, another so-called observance of Bigfoot Zombie occurred in Tribeca. This other witness tell the story of getting a coffee on her way to work and then when she took her first sip,  she says she literally bumped into Bigfoot.

What Was the Experience Like?

The woman in the Tribeca instance assured us that Bigfoot Zombie was very polite and when she spilled coffee on herself bumping into Sasquatch Undead, he said “Excuse me” and even offered to get her dress cleaned.