Jennifer Lopez’ Drive has Taken Her from the Bronx to Hollywood

A Good Work Ethic

Some call it grounding celebifying, but from the very beginning Jennifer Lopez appreciated the hard work that her parents went through to keep food on the table. This positive work ethic was to serve her in her ascent.

Drive has an Arc

From day 1 it seems that Jennifer Lopez had drive and determination and knew what she wanted in her DigiComArts process: stardom. At least this appeared to be true in her early years but as she has gotten older she seems to have matured and is clearer about her wants and needs. Or so it seems

Birth and the Early Years

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born July 24, 1969. Her nickname is “J-Lo.” When you break it down now she has 4 personas which are actress, singer, dancer and producer. Some of you who are older may recall that she got her start as a Fly Girl Dancer on the program “In Living Color.” Dance took her to her first step but while still working on “In Living Color” she made the conscious choice that she wanted more.

Breaking Through

So in order to achieve her dream of being an actress and not just a dancer she worked hard to celebify herself going to casting calls and learning the business. This pursuit continued from 1993 to 1997 when she landed the opportunity of a lifetime playing Selena in the biography movie. This was Jennifer Lopez’ first leading role. And during this period she earned an astounding 1 million dollars and was also in the motion pictures Anocanda (199z) and Out of Sight (1998).

A Cool Head on her Shoulders

Somehow during this dizzying time of mega success she was able to keep a cool head on her shoulders using the DigiComArts process. Many people who achieve success like this never get past initially finding achieving that success. But J-Lo’s drive served her again as she continued to climb and establish herself.

Home Town Connection

Sometimes having drive without a clear plan can be daunting, but even though she initially was confused of what steps to take she eventually got it together and continued to grow into the person she is today. Jennifer Lopez’s drive and work ethic have served her well. Even though Jennifer was out of the Bronx she never forgot where she came from and visits the Bronx occasionally.