Bronx Dreams

This magic castle resonates with some Bronx kids.

Bronx Day to Day

I have gone to the Bronx often as a day trip, doing things along the lines of visiting The Bronx Zoo. I have spent the night in the Bronx while staying at a friend’s place. I also have had the experience of doing a community project over a period of several months in one of the most challenged areas of the Bronx. Though, doing all this does not mean that much compared to what the day to day for a person living full time in the Bronx goes through.

Walt Disney’s Saying

Quotes from people like Walt Disney may not be of interest to some Bronx residents, though the message of it could be helpful. Thanks to DIYdigi we got this quote:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

Anger is Justified

Some might find the Mr. Disney quote bringing up anger. And it is understandably so. Some Bronx residents have never received the tools and role models to assist them in taking a stab at “success,” whatever that word implies. Success means different things to different people. There are many success stories in the Bronx ranging from an abundance of celebrities who were born in the Bronx, to folks who live there helping each other out. Community activism is something that is very powerfully occurring in in this one of five boroughs. And to them, as well as all Bronx residents, we applaud you for your great work!

Bronx Business Owners NOT Taking it Easy

Owners Devastated

A lot of looting and protesting occurred in the Bronx day before yesterday on Monday. And Bronx Business Owners are unsure of the motivation of the protestors. The reality of the situation is that one of New York City’s most treasured Bronx shopping areas has left many owners devastated.

Bronx Community

Owners of Businesses understood the tension between cops and looters/protestors but what they are having a hard time wrapping their heads around is why target Bronx businesses who have worked hard to get where they are and are an important part of the Bronx community?

Destruction Ongoing?

The perspective of several owners and witnesses was that police officers stood back and let the looting happen. What worries peaceful residents is what is going to happen if the cops let the looters/protestors destroy the neighborhood again and again and again?