Multiple Big Foot Zombie Sightings in the Bronx

This bird, a resident of the Bronx Zoo, was very upset Big Foot Zombie was allowed in.

What Did the Zoo Have to Do with It?

It is a little known fact that there are more Big Foot Zombies in the Bronx thanĀ  any other area in the USA. The theory is that this is because of their parks and even the Bronx Zoo.

Getting into the Zoo

Several sightings of Big Foot Zombie’s have been seen at the zoo looking at certain animals salivating. How they managed to get into the zoo in the first place must have had on incredible disguises to be able to get past the ticket window area.

Recent Communication

We bring all this up because DIYdigi recently did an interview with BFZ that was transcribed for the fan site Big Foot Zombie .com.