A Brief Bronx Stay

I lived in the Bronx for less than 3 months, in transition from one Manhattan apartment to another. And although I had a bit of trepidation doing so, staying in the Bronx in a violent area, it turned out to be better than I expected. One of my stories, though, was very scary. I had a standout instance when I was on my way back to my temporary Bronx digs. Since it was late there were very few on the subway train.

Finally, it was just me and a broad shouldered man. This man kept looking at me, then away. Looking at me and then away. Looking. Not looking. And this kept going on. This had me a little bit freaked out. Who was this big burly guy and why did he keep glaring at me?

Finally, he stood up looking (as I perceived it) very angry . I tried comforting myself that he was probably getting off at the next stop. The next stop came and went. He began moving even closer to me.

When all of a sudden his frown turned to a smile. He said “I know you, you’re on that cable show. And he was right. At the time I had a cable show. Turns out he’s a fan an wanted to ask me questions about the program. I love the Bronx!