Worried it Will Happen Again, But Have Hope with New Project


Challenges in a Proactive and Positive Way

All 5 Boroughs have been negatively impacted by the group theft that has been occurring all over the place. Thankfully, this has quieted down for the moment, though for some the wounds have not yet been fully healed. One area that was especially hit hard is the Bronx. For those of you who are not “Bronx News NYC” readers, we want to let you know that our aim has always been to take on challenges in a positive and proactive way.

Will it Repeat?

But when your business experiences theft and worse, it can be quite difficult to pick yourself up and go forward as an entrepreneur. If you can relate to this and are still having a hard time even though many of the mass theft idea cooled down quite a while ago, we understand how thoughts of this are painful and keep you wondering if such things could happen again.

Test Marketing for Possible New Project

It is for this reason that we have had in the works a special concept for small business owners. It will be educational, in the form of digital products. We should intercede right away though that we have not yet fully committed to the idea of launching this idea. But in the meantime, we do think we can share with you some of the highlights of a project we are currently working on to be used in a “Test Marketing Phase.”

Campaigns without Ads

For this phase we have developed a demo work in progress digital education product we are currently calling “Campaigns without Ads.” That title came about through an ongoing worry that many entrepreneurs have, which is the cost of Social Media and Search Engine Ads.


The reality is that these can be quite expensive and do not always work. So not only is a small business paying very high prices just for a click, when you add to that the uncertainty of results through this process, a solution is clearly needed for this problem.


We will be back here soon, either in this publication or maybe others in the interconnected digital world of Blog Coalition sites. But, regardless of how we get the word out, we will do our best to reach you. Again, we are not certain yet that we want to take a leap into this educational undertaking. Meanwhile, keep doing what you are doing, you are appreciated more than you know.