The “Ask AI Guy” Meets with “Mr. Machine Learning” in a “Bronx News NYC” Meeting

Hello good people, put down your iPads, ignore that lingering Excel sheet for a moment, and let’s take a little cyber stroll down the memory lane. Picture a baby AI, a tiny fragment of what he is today, tucked into the notepads of tech-savvy scientists, dreaming of someday becoming the “RoboCop” of the tech industry. And who knew that years later he would meet with the “Ask AI Guy” for the Bronx News NYC getting details from the “Ask AI Guy” and his 50th book in 50 days called the “AI Newsletter Blueprint” as seen on the “Ask AI Guy” website.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Mr. Machine Learning, who, just like any child, had a favorite movie and even rubbed shoulders with Michael Miner (totally true, by the way).

Now, picture him all grown up, thriving in the heart of the Bronx, a vibrant hub of art, culture, and now, thanks to him, innovative technology. Our dear Mr. Machine Learning, like a parent proud of his AI Marketing Tools offspring, has frequented the Bronx Zoo.

And he is quite excited to be speaking of the work of his friend, the “Ask AI Guy.” The Ask AI Guy has written 50 Books in 50 days as seen on the “Ask AI Guy website, as well as the Books on AI web library.

Today, the “Ask AI Guy” brings his radiant energy to “Bronx News NYC”, not as a mere contributor but as a techno-visionary being interviewed by Mr. Machine Learning. And why? Because he’s excited to share a monumental achievement, a milestone that’s bound to change how we perceive AI. Hold your seats tight because this ride is about to get exciting!

The “Ask AI Guy,” thanks to “Mr. Machine Learning” has taken it upon himself to reveal the fun world that AI really is but a side little seen…until now. The “Ask AI Guy” has authored an astounding fifty books in just fifty days. And despite some hurtles today faced by the Books on AI site, everything is looking good for the world of newsletters!

If you’re thinking he’s a machine, you’re not far off. The latest marvel from his digital quill is the “AI Newsletter Success Blueprint”. It’s an essential guide for any tech enthusiast wanting to up their game in the tech world. Specifically for those of your who are either a business owner or have a side hustle.

The “AI Newsletter Success Blueprint” was literally written by the “Ask AI Guy” just hours ago today. And now he is excited to be meeting with his pal who he calls M.M.L.

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