Art – Rodger Taylor on Lois Stavsky: Graffiti in the Bronx

Bronx Graffiti Art
Bronx Graffiti Art

Lois Stavsky will walk into the worst areas of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bogota Columbia, the West Bank, the South Bronx and Washington D.C. to look at and possibly photograph paintings on walls — and she does have a masters degree.

Lois’s expertise centers on graffiti and street art in this city and all over the world. Perhaps an unusual second career it suits her perfectly.

A teacher, supporter and helper if possible, of the youth, Lois loves the talented, the underdog in the hood, barrio and otherwise. She also respects the culture.

Believing street art and graffiti is as legitimate as any other creative genre, Lois offers living proof of why it should be appreciated that way.

Documenting graffiti – taking some really great pictures — often assisted over the years by a cadre of youth working and casting their eagle eyes across the city.
Lois is also a really good writer so I asked her if she’d help me out with a brief bio – so here goes:

Lois Stavsky is an educator, curator and writer with a particular passion for global street art. A documentarian of NYC street art, she is the founder of the organization, Street Art NYC.

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