Yianni stamas finds the bronx to be a place of much creativity

Yianni Stamas over the years has been a proponent and contributor to “Bronx News NYC.” The last time he visited us was in January of this year. But recently we heard that Stamas finds the Bronx a creative place to be in, and that a current project he is working on came about because of an idea he had while in the Bronx.

We asked him three questions that resulted in this:

What is it about the Bronx that tends to be a place where you get ideas?

I do not know exactly. Maybe because it is a place that has lots of great artists? Though, experiencing art is not necessarily what triggers insight for me. I think what draws me to the Bronx is sense of community.

What was the idea you had in the Bronx that led to a current project of yours?

At the time I got the idea, I was thinking back on some of the extensive work I did regarding the development of a methodology that would make it possible for a single person to create work in all the various facets of the arts. I worked on this literally for years, but when I was in the Bronx working on a local project, I randomly thought about the methodology and ways of simplifying it, including changing its goals.

Please tell us about your current project.

I am not someone to talk about current undertakings, especially those that are still in their infancy as this one is. I think this comes probably from the the former magician in me, because conjurers must vow to never reveal the secrets behind the magic they perform. I am the same way with new projects. I can say though, I work on it a little bit every day, Monday through Friday, and the irony is that the closer I get, the more I realize that I am creating a way of working that I used to use. Changing the subject, a bit, in closing I just want to say that if you have never been to the Bronx, you should go. The artists there create amazing art, much of it about community.

Bronx Creativity Flowing

Tough Time for Creatives

USA Creativity. What is it? Is it a revolution? A movement? No it is doing what is right when it is right for creative communities all across the US. With the political upheavals, this is a tough time for creatives.

Creativity is Vital

As of this writing all creatives are on the edge of their chairs with anticipation. With creativity being the only thing they have, we of the USA Creativity family know that inclusion is key and Bronx Creativity is vital along with that of the US.

This is USA Creativity

When the winner is announced will it really be a win? Or just more of the usual? Fingers crossed. This could be the beginning of the beginning or the end of the end. This is not made possible through an election outcome but by a state of mind that can exist today, tomorrow and beyond. This is USA Creativity!

John Yianni Stamas Writes a Kind of Non Article for Bronx News NYC

John Yianni Stamas writes a kind of non article for Bronx News NY. You see, Stamas was supposed to meet with Big Foot Zombie at Pelham Bay Park is the largest park in New York City at 2,765 acres in size. John and BFZ has a special place they usually meet at in the park where the big hairy one resides. John, against his judgement, left his quarantine location in Manhattan in the face of COVID-19 to meet with Mr. Zombie because BFZ was upset that Stamas had not updated his blog in six months.

John had been asked by Bronx News NYC to write a post for their blog and John Yianni Stamas thought that a chat with one of the Bronx’s most popular mythical creatures, would uplift BFZ’s sad mood. Unfortunately, Big Foot Zombie did not show up at their regular meeting spot. Therefore this post is a kind of non article and is more a piece about writing an entry about nothing except  getting stood up by the big guy.

Mr. Stamas returned to his social distancing location and continued work with his collaborators on a new website called USA How To. Big Foot Zombie later claimed that he had shown up, but to a different location which he mistakenly thought was the correct one. He had been under the impression that John wanted to get together in front of the Edgar Allan Poe Cottage.

Bronx Arts Ensemble

Bronx Arts Ensemble is doing a lot for the Bronx. They reach kids through arts education and live performance. The mission of the Bronx Arts Ensemble is

“to bring music and related arts to Bronx schools and neighborhoods. We contribute to the cultures of our Bronx communities through live performances and innovative arts education that stimulate creativity, imagination, and aspirations.”

Their education programs include Art, Music, Dance/Movement and Theater.

Good job Bronx Arts Ensemble!