Are You a Part of a Community?

Quite recently there was a post on the VideoFilmWeb website that looked into the idea of having an ever-building audience or fan club to help to ensure the growth of your company. But it is not just businesses that need this kind of thing, but communities as well.

“Bronx News NYC” has observed massive transformation a prid in the past few years of one of the five borough known as, well, you already know this, the Bronx.

What “Method How” was used to not only create change but also, (and in some ways this is the most important), change the perception of the Bronx. It has always been a place known for it amazing arts and culture, but there is also currently, an avid real estate market.

Real estate always brings up questions in the five Burroughs, of which the Bronx is one, when it goes through a real estate boon. The kinds of question that arise are things like “who is selling the real estate and who is buying it?”

Questions like these come up in neighborhoods because those currently living there do not want to have their culture destroyed. And this is quite understandable. Therefore, all possible questions need to be answered, and depending on what they turn out to be, action may be needed to be taken by those currently living in the community

We bring this up because so called “growth” can be painful for many. With real estate, it seems sometimes that giant corporations invade and pirate the neighborhood, bringing in their own “audience” in the form of buyers and other disrupters.

Some say that it is only fair that both sides of the “war” have equal footing. Big business can fund protecting themselves easily because to them it is just a part of the price of doing business. And by bringing in their soldiers and tanks, they have an unfair advantage in what ultimately becomes for those who are “defeated,” a major loss.

We bring this up because if you learn the “Method How” to build up your fans and other supporters, you are encouraged to use the various and powerful online tools for the good of all. And not to destroy something beautiful.

Having the “Method How” to do something can be empowering knowledge. In a recent post, former magician, filmmaker and marketer, Yianni Stamasalked about the magic of having a “Method How” to do something. He compared the concept to having a secret, a “Method How” to learn so you can perform the magic trick.

Is there a “Method How” to starting a community? Why? Because communities play a big role in an individual being happy or not. When first starting one, it is a good idea to be well organized, with communication being strong so it becomes possible (if need be) to take action. A neighborhood is only as strong as how well it is organized.

But obviously, not all businesses are watching you. It depends on the leaders involved. And more and more the business model of companies is leaning toward supporting causes, so that as you grow your business you are making a difference.

Are you an entrepreneur with your own business, or maybe you are someone who has a great idea for a company but just cannot seem to get it off the ground. Something is holding you back whether you are a business owner or emerging entrepreneur.

Usually what holds us back is a fear of what will happen if we act. Life is full of risks, but the best ones are often calculated risks so that you are not just blindly doing something but are thinking through its strengths and weakness.

And even if you are a creative, the entrepreneurial hat should not be too far away. Focusing on gathering members to your businesses’ fan club is not a bad idea. Let’s say you are a writer, in order to get a good publishing deal or be successful publishing your book yourself, you need an audience who is eager to purchase what you write.

The same thing goes for those of you who want to get more involved and successful in the music business. The first thing to ask yourself how many fans you have, or if you do not have fans, how will you get them.

And whether you are a writer, musician or choreographer, your company is only as good as your ever-growing audience. Because yes, you might just be a creative genius, and if you are, you might get seen by someone who opens the door for you.

But guess what, even if for the moment you seem safely inside the “Success Zone,” if you do not know and understand the entrepreneurial aspects of the art and business you are in, you will 99.999 percent of the time get kicked out of the door.