The Bronx Book Festival

Saraciea Fennell
Saraciea Fennell is making a difference in her Bronx community by holding the Bronx Book Festival each year in the Bronx. To get some snippets about her story read the post below which has an excerpt from her recent New York Times article and more.

Saraciea Fennel

Saraciea Fennel is the founder of the Bronx Book Festival and was featured recently in the New York Times. She is yet another example here at BronxNewsNYC of a person who is making a difference in her community. Thanks Saraciea!

“I attended my first book festival as an adult in Brooklyn,” said Saraciea Fennell. “I thought to myself, ‘This is amazing. Why doesn’t the Bronx have something like this?’”

Here’s a Description of the Bronx Book Festival as Seen on their Website

To visit the Bronx Book Festival website please go here.

“The Bronx Book Festival aims to promote literacy and foster a love of reading among children, teens, and adults. The festival will cover a wide range of topics relevant to the Bronx community through panels, workshops, and more with award-winning and bestselling authors, illustrators, and creators. The festival will help build the reading culture in the Bronx and become the premier literary experience open to Bronx residents and the general public.”

Here’s another Interesting Caption from the Bronx Book Festival Website

If you are interested in visiting the Bronx Book Festival website please go here.

“Many children attending Title I schools in the Bronx have never owned their own books or experienced an author visit. The Bronx Book Festival aims to change that with The Bronx is Reading. This literacy program seeks to create an interest for reading among young people while also promoting reading and writing skills through engaging author visits, reading group guides from publishers, and new books for children. The Bronx Book Festival will also donate books to each participating school’s library for all students to enjoy.”