Taking a Look at Our Promoter

During g a web search recently, we discovered that there is a website that has frequently shown our posts in their own. Why did they do this? Well, Blog Coalition told us it was because they enjoyed the content. Very nice don’t you think?

Also, during our emails back and forth, Blog Coalition told us something interesting. They are now having Home Business Achievers do the daily blog entries they used to do, and they will only be writing monthly updates. The updates will focus on marketing such as this post about promotion:

You can either delegate the SEO or you can go with purchasing search engine ads. Going the ads route is likely to get you more targeted results, meaning sending you the EXACT person you need to find you. Okay. Sit down for what we are about to say. Please listen carefully. All right. Here goes. You need know to figure out the PRECISE phrase that will trigger your audience members to pick you.

In other words, again put yourself in their shoes. They are searching the phrase you have come up with, and land on your offer either through ads or SEO ready to buy now or at the very least sign up for your newsletter so that you can slowly build trust with them to eventually buy from you.

How do you come up with such a phrase? The answer here is that again, you can either come up with it yourself or hire a copywriter who does sales copy to do it for you. In fact, you can rely on a copywriter to not only come up with the phrase, you can even hire them to write the script for your video. The phrase needs to contain in it both the problem they suffer from and the solution you offer them.